TGSE Junior Player Development

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TGSE’s junior programmes are based on the latest research into Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD), and adapted for golf training.

The LTAD approach focuses on having kids perform age-appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize their athletic potential.  It progressively gets more complicated and more specialized as the golfer develops and reaches the next level of development.

Fundamental movements and skills are introduced through fun and games at an early age.  Fundamental sports skills follow and include basic universal sports skills such as running, jumping, and throwing. Without the solid foundation of basic movement skills, a child will have difficulty excelling in golf at a later stage.

The TGSE Player Development Process takes youngsters from 4 years old through to a professional level. Each programme focuses on the key fundamental learning requirements for that age range.

TGSE Junior Programmes Age Details
Little Players Golf 4 – 8 yrs Group based coaching (Max 10 kids)
Emphasis on fun learning
Builds fundamental movement skills
Builds basic golf movements
Exclusive ‘Kids Zone’ training circuit
Young Champs 9 – 12 yrs Group based coaching (Max 8 kids)
Builds fundamental golf skills
Builds fundamental sports skills
Rules & etiquette learning
Structured curriculum
Future-Pro Golf 13 – 18 yrs Private lessons
Team coaching
Technical development
Learn to compete

Juniors can sign up for the above programmes in a private capacity, with incentives on offer for referring friends.
The programmes are also run at a growing number of schools.